To this day, most of everyone likes to renovating their houses. They try to renovate or maybe even building more spaces, so that their family can stay comfortable. A comfortable living spaces indeed make family members feel loved and unconsciously stay longer together than go out. That is why many parents who still have children try their best to create a cozy and enjoyable home. Not only comfortable, but also modern family home. Modern and serene spaces would attract not only family members, but also your colleagues and friends.

If you think your house is a bit outdated, you do not have to re-building the spaces all over. You can re-decorate, or give little touches here and there with your own tastes. That way, you already have created your version of modern family home.

This articles will show you how to make your own modern family home. You do not have to call experts to create your home—have fun and give yourself a chance to explore more of your creativity skills!

Create large, flowing, multifunctional spaces

When putting together modern family home ideas, think about how your family functions in real life. For example, a big porch is perfect for putting on wellies, and a spacious hallway works well when the children come home from school and need to dump bags and so on. If you can squeeze a boot room or large cupboard close to the entrance space it is a lot easier.

A separate office or playroom can help give some clarity or sanity to life with children. Even a little niche with a simple desk or a defined corner with a big toy cupboard would work. It is also better to have a utility room and laundry space which is separate to the kitchen or living area.

Traditional living rooms are also still popular for family homes—a cozy and well-proportioned room which is separate to the open plan areas.

Forget the estate agent—have fun!

Family homes should be functional, practical, durable, comfortable but also fun! Is that not what having a family is all about? So many of today’s houses are a bit too serious and more concerned with what the next purchasers may think rather than what you would like.

Choose flooring carefully

For a busy, modern family home, a rustic wood design in a mid-toned shade disguise foot and paw prints. It is worth investing in a quality, branded floor with a durable lacquer or oiled pre-finish, as the construction and finish will be superior.

If you choose an oiled floor, you will need to periodically replenish the surface treatment but this will effectively top-up the protection. Many treatments can be added to water, so can be applied really easily with a mop, and do not forget finishing accessories like beading and skirtings—they can make a real difference to the finished look and many ranges.

Adjustable showers are ideal for kids

While most bathrooms are small and lack natural light, you can create a restful space even in the busiest family bath or shower room. It is all about creating the illusion of space and light.

Be sure to keep it minimal. Banish clutter, choose fittings with clean lines to create a sense of space. Go for a shower with concealed pipes for a spa look, whether it is over the bath or in a separate enclosure. Consider a shower with a bath fill to eliminate the need for taps.

Technology makes life easier and creates a streamlined look. Digital showers are super safe for all the family with push button controls and no fiddly levers. Choose a divert design to cater for everyone, a drencher head for a relaxing soak plus a hand-held adjustable shower for a quick pre-school splash.

Adjustable showers are also ideal for kids of different heights. Switch between the two heads at the touch of a button and you can programme your preferred outlet to start first. Look for the functions that make life easier such as remote control, pause and timer features.

Lighting is very important in bathroom design but often overlooked. Go for dimmable lighting that you can change according to your mood and time of day.

A modern family home must have a heart

Flowing open plan spaces that contain living, dining and kitchen are vital for our social discourse, while we cook, eat, watch TV and work. Light is the other key component to a successful family home. It is critical to the wellbeing of the inhabitants.

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